Select Labels is a unique web application that allows you to design any label size from a wide variety of label shapes. It helps you to minimalize cost per label by offering you to design your own label layout, sheet format and orientation and select the right material.

Create your Labels See the video guide

Select Label, Tag & Card Shape

By default all the available shapes are listed on the first tab. In order to narrow it down, you can filter either by a label group or a label category. You can select one or more to specify the shapes you want to get.

If you click on a shape icon, the preview will change immediately.

In order to get larger preview of the shape and additional parameters click on the info icon.

Adjust Sheet Settings

Select the number of sheets. The quantity affects the Quantity Charge. Select the desired format from A5 to 330 x 487 mm and the sheet orientation. Keep in mind that some of the materials are not available for particular formats. Thus some of the materials may be disabled.

The last parameter is the Minimal Margin. The lowest possible value is 5 mm to make sure it's still printable on your printer.

Define the Layout

On this tab, you can change label's size. If you select a shape that is set as proportional, you will be able to change only its width. Otherwise it's possible to change both width and height.

You are also able to set the gutter. Which is the space between two labels. You can set both horizontal and vertical space.


RAYFILM offers you a wide variety of materials. Self-adhesive or non-adhesive. Papers and foils. You can choose material that is available for previously selected format.

In order to get additional information about a particular material, click on the info icon.


Any action you make is immediately applied and you can see the results on the right side in the summary section.

You can also download a PNG file of the sheet you just built.

Create your Labels
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